What kind of services Shine-life can provide you?

Not only we supply LED indoor lighting...but also we could provide customization for you~

Shine-Life provides various of LED lights, illumiantions, and construtive configuration. In addition, we can supply customized lighting and the patented and unique night light.


LED Household Light, Commercial Light, Landscate Light, Industrial Light, diverse types lighting decoration, and gift.

The unique and professional skill Satisfied your customized needing


Customized Blessing Lamp
Some temples in Taiwan asked us to customize their unique LED blessing lamp for believers to order. Using ShineLife’s customized blessing lamp is not only be aesthetic but also less maintenance cost and increase lifespan.

Replacing LED cases
Replacing the fluorescent light with LED lights can help to save an significant amount of electricity consumption. Moreover, LED lights also help reducing indoor temperature, which absolutely leads to the decreasing in air-conditioner running time and electricity fees.

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